LAUNCH ANNOUNCEMENT: National Alliance for Volunteer Engagement

The National Alliance for Volunteer Engagement is a newly formed organization that will leverage and convene existing networks, organizations, and individuals to elevate and drive a national conversation about the power and potential of volunteer engagement, as well as encourage collective action for nationwide engagement strategies. The Alliance is co-facilitated by Dana Litwin and Betsy McFarland.

The National Alliance structure has been designed to convene staff and volunteer leaders across many sectors—including traditional nonprofit, faith-based, health, human service, government and civic organizations, membership associations, and higher education facilities—as well as represent volunteer engagement professionals, executive leadership, development / fundraising professionals, human resource professionals, funders, and beyond. 

The mission of the Alliance is to guide future collective action at the national level towards embracing volunteer engagement as an effective strategy to address community needs.

Immediate goals are:

  • Creating a Clear National Vision

  • Developing a Communications Hub

  • Convening Future Gatherings

  • Furthering Research / Accreditation

The Alliance is not a replacement for AL!VE (Association of Leaders in Volunteer Engagement) or other existing national or regional organizations or associations. These bodies will continue to be the place where professionals in volunteer engagement can network with other professionals, discover professional learning opportunities and resources, and help advocate for the profession.  The Alliance, rather, will be a coalition to facilitate collaboration across many sectors, bringing together more voices to build united strength for collective action. Our friends at AL!VE are generously providing support to the Alliance as a co-facilitator and fiscal agent.

What Will the National Alliance Mean for US?

As leaders of volunteers, professionals in volunteer engagement, and volunteer-involving organizations, it can be challenging to move beyond the day-to-day work on the ground. Together, with others in the Alliance such as funders, government agencies, researchers, and others who mobilize volunteers whether or not they have “volunteer coordination” in their job description, we will elevate and drive a national conversation about the power and potential of volunteer engagement and encourage collective action for nationwide engagement strategies. Together as an Alliance, we can speak up if public policy threatens the impact of volunteers. Together, we can shape a national view of volunteering. Together, we can encourage the right questions are asked in research and studies on volunteerism. Together, we can ensure volunteers have effective support to make change in our communities.

To see the detailed outline of the proposed structure and guidelines for the Alliance and how we hope to move forward, please read the Purpose Statement on the Alliance website and sign up via the Contact page to get involved.